Hay Day Hacks for Management of the Farm

What is Hay Day?

Hay Day is mobile farming game that gives that itchy green gaming thumb and excellent exercise in the form of managing a farm. Hay Day uses the much convenient plot device of their being a troubled relative in need of the gamer’s help, like in this case, your uncle who is having a difficult go at running his farm so he needs your (the player’s) help to figure how to manage the farm while multitasking and being creative and also keeping the profits up. The game play involves time management, management of crop sowing and harvesting, tending to the animals and gaining valuable resources from them that be used to trade or sell I exchange for goods or coins to maintain your farm. You gain coins, diamonds and XP points in exchange for your progress and achievements in the game.

What are Hay Day Cheats?

Managing a huge farm requires a lot of focus and patience, but time as well. These are valuable and non-expendable resources for the player who is pressed for time. To help with faster crop production or management of all the different aspects of the farm, Hay Day hacks are valuable tips that help you get twice the work done in half the game time.

Hay Day Hack 1: Slow-growing crops should be planted either at night or during work hours

There are a few crops that pop up within a few minutes. These include: wheat, carrots and corn, all three take under 10 minutes to pop up. Then there are other crops that take up a lot of time, up to hours, like pumpkins and indigo. So using this time management Hay Day hack, make sure to plant the slower crops when you’re going to be away from the phone, or busy or sleeping for hours. This way, by the time you’re free, your slow crops will be ready and ripe for the picking. Then you can harvest and use them as soon as you need to use them without the wait.

Hay Day Hack 2: Don’t pay heed to visitors on your farm

The people visiting your farm often want to buy your goods, but they do that because they are unwilling to pay the premium price for them. This why you have to remember to not hold back on saying “no”. There is no offense they can take and they will still continue coming around whenever they are in the mood again. This hack brings us to another useful Hay Day hack about visitors…

Hay Day Hack 3: Fill your coffers using roadside stands

A good hack to remember is to sell goods to your friends and followers on Hay Day instead of to visitors. This way you can max the price of an item up a bit and as a courtesy bring it down 10% and usually friends and followers will agree and buy it from you right away.