The Healing Spell Clash of Clans Hack

Clash of Clans is an incredibly successful game on iPhones, Androids, and iPads. The game has been consistently one of the most played games on the market for as long as it has been around. Clash of Clans became available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store on its release date of August 2, 2012; despite it being so old, its user base is still larger than even some of the more successful videogames on consoles.

Clash of Clans owes its incredible and enriching success to its use of revolutionary gameplay from a well-recognized genre of games on a platform that was, up until then, alien to strategic games. In many ways, it made for a better fit on tablets and mobile devices than many strategy games on videogame consoles, or even the desktop. This combination has entranced millions of players onto Clash of Clans, many of whom have been playing the game for multiples years.

The game plays a lot like real-time strategy games, like Age of Empire 2, where you are set in a medieval setting and build a village from scratch, slowly evolving your village to a colony, to a kingdom. And throughout it, you have to manage resources and make sure to protect your clan from all sorts of dangers, such as goblins and other players. In this game you can use Clash of Clans hacks to improve your gameplay and make sure you outmaneuver any threat that may attack you, or comes in your way.

The Healing Spell

The healing spell is useful stable and it works as a great Clash of Clans hack. The spell hack is used by most of the players in Clash of Clans when it first becomes available in Town Hall 11. Everyone has access to this spell but you have to know how to use it correctly to maximize its effectiveness, and keep that in mind. This Coc hack requires using healing spell with high efficiency because a healing spell is the only spell that has a supportive, stackable effect. One of the prevailing myths in Clash of Clans is that spells do not stack generally.

There are certain troops that generally love the magic.

In the healing spell Clash of Clans hack, the Balloons are not so much a preferred troop to use the healing spell with as they work better with a rage spell than a healing spell, but it is still useful to remember them on this list because strictly speaking they do work with it. It’s best not to use the healing spell hack on Archers and Barbarians because they don’t work well with it. The best way to use a healing spell is in big groups where it gives you the maximum benefit.